I am the former owner of a Business in Burton, MI that I started in 1973 and sold in 2008. In 2004 I had some concerns with my taxes, so I hired Ms. Lewis to review the previous three years. Using deductions that my former accountant ignored Ms. Lewis was able to amend & retrieve $11,000.; that I had overpaid the previous three years. In January 2005, I hired Ms. Lewis as my full time accountant, giving her all my business receipts as they were generated, so she could accurately track all my business earnings and expenses so that all the taxes and deductions could be accounted for. Now that I am retired and out of business, Ms. Lewis will continue to do my personal taxes in the future. I highly recommend Anedra Lewis for any business or personal accounting duties, no matter how complex the work.

Daniel M. Bower

It is my sincere pleasure to recommend Anedra Lewis as a competent accountant and financial advisor to deal with conflict resolution concerning small business and personal taxes. Mrs. Lewis has demonstrated the ability and efficiency necessary to withstand hours of painstakingly sorting out of out tax records, receipts and business transactions to make them suitable to file with the federal government. Because of Mrs. Lewis knowledge and commitment to conflict resolution my husband and I are now free from debt to the United States government and the State of Michigan. Three years ago my husband and I came to Mrs. Lewis with two crates and a brown bag full of our small business receipts that covered over five years (1995-2000) of tax records. We were weary of tax preparers because we had already spent thousands of dollars trying to sort out our business taxes with unjust outcomes. One of the accountants we hired left the state with part of our tax records for 1994 and 1995 and the other CPA was actually convicted of fraudulently filing other clients taxes and yet another, a tax attorney, charged us a few thousand dollars and never produced satisfactory results. To say the least we were apprehensive when we walked into On Target Tax & Bookkeeping in 2007 and met with Mrs. Lewis. After spending time with Mrs. Lewis and explaining our situation to her, we left her office feeling confident that we made the right decision in coming to her for help. Mrs. Lewis’s dedication to our tax situation has left us with a clean slate concerning our taxes and a new financially secure lifestyle. We no longer have to worry about losing our assets due to tax dilemmas. Anedra Lewis’s professional dealings on our behalf has enabled us to build towards the future without having to look back at the past and for that we will always be grateful to her.

Tonya M. Lott